Anthony DeMartinis is a collaborative solo and chamber percussionist based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he completed his Master’s Degree in Music Performance and Chamber Music at the University of Michigan.  His primary teachers were Joseph Gramley and Jonathan Ovalle.  He has collaborated with the Michigan Chamber Players, the Detroit Chamber Winds, and was a featured performer with the University of Michigan Symphony Band.  In fall 2017, he performed alongside members of the New York Philharmonic percussion section in a concert series titled Off the Grid, which was organized and funded by the University Musical Society.

In addition to his commission and consortium efforts as a soloist, Anthony actively commissions new works for his co-founded percussion/tuba duo, BrassTaps.  In the group’s first two years, five new works for the duo have been premiered as part of their commissioning efforts. The group has plans to continue commissioning for and expanding the percussion/tuba repertoire.  BrassTaps aims to merge genres and musical aesthetics in their performances by programming music that is contemplative, evocative, and accessible. The duo is currently working with composer Barbara York on a multi-movement work, which is projected to be completed in late 2018.

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Mirage Pour Marimba- Yasuo Sueyoshi

Performance: 2016

Psappha- Iannis Xenakis

Performance: 2016

Catapult- Ken Thomson

Performance: 2018


Music for Tuba and Mallet Instruments- Erik Lund

Performance: 2017, BrassTaps Duo

Tangram- Wally Gunn

Performance: 2018, Colleen Bernstein, Anthony DeMartinis, Griffin Harvey, Andrew Grossman



BrassTaps 1

BrassTaps Duo

BrassTaps is a tuba & percussion duo founded by Anthony DeMartinis and Evan Zegiel in 2016. DeMartinis and Zegiel have extensive experience performing in the Southeast Michigan area, bringing their unique brand of chamber music to universities, public schools, and local venues. BrassTaps has commissioned multiple works for tuba and percussion duo, and continues to seek out new and established composers for commissioning projects in order to expand the available repertoire for their combination of instruments.


House of Hummingbirds

House of Hummingbirds is an experimental rock group founded by BrassTaps tubist, Evan Zegiel that blends an eclectic variety of musical genres with spoken word poetry.  The group formed in 2016 after Zegiel began to set his poetry to music.  The group's style is influenced by bands such as Metallica, La Dispute, and Shane Koyczan.

A link to our album, House of Hummingbirds, can be found here.

​This full-length debut from House of Hummingbirds blends poetry with a post-rock and punk aesthetic. The music is at times reflective, at others aggressive, and still yet inspirational. Compared by fans to "An American Prayer" by Jim Morrison and The Doors, the "Here, Hear." EPs by La Dispute, and the poems of Shane Koyczan, this collection hovers between genres and styles with grace and intensity. -Evan Zegiel

Vocals and Guitar: Evan Zegiel

Guitar: Ben Harmsen

Bass Guitar and Sound Engineer: Nelson T. Gast

Drums: Anthony DeMartinis



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